Women's Health Awareness Foundation

Supplying women's hygiene products to the underprivileged

Introduction - Quick Summary

Almost 10% of girls think menstruation is a disease due to a lack of knowledge on the topic. This results in women not being comfortable in their own bodies. For this reason, the objective of the Women’s Health Awareness Foundation (WHAF) is to spread awareness about poor sanitation practices and ensures that people receive basic sanitation.

About Us

Sanitary Products

The WHAF delivers sanitary products to local housing facilities (domestic violence shelters, LGBTQ+ shelters, homeless shelters, etc.)

Care Packages

We ships care packages to developing cities in India.


We also work to spread awareness about menstruation by shipping informational pamphlets to schools in India who do not have the resources to educate their girls.

What We've Done

  • Created a GoFundMe to help raise money and spread awareness (Link to GoFundMe)
  • Had a drive with two of the biggest clubs at our school and received a good amount of donations that are going to be donated to local shelters
  • Set up local donation boxes in our communities and received over 300 products
  • Shipped our first ever donation package with a local delivery business run by our peers and we were able to ship over 100 sanitary products to Northside Hospital in order to help during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Became an official 501(c)(3)

Donate Now

Donations go towards purchasing sanitary products, shipping care packages, and applying for the 501(c)(3) status.

Help us support our cause by clicking the button below and filling out the form. Credit cards, debit cards, and direct PayPal transfers are accepted!

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We're a team with a mission

  • Team Member

    Jocelyn (Mimi) Su

    Manages our social media accounts, such as Instagram as well as our email. She deals with outreach such as answering questions and contacting possible partnerships.

    Team Member

    Pooja Kandikuppa

    Deals with the monetary funds as well as the in-kind donations. She is the role of treasurer and is responsible for finances.

    Team Member

    Shivaani Komanduri

    The marketing manager and handles the image of the organization. She designs the posts for the social media accounts.

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